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Barry Moss President

“Progressive airlines, asset managers, lessors and banks in the aviation industry want to embrace their responsibilities in aligning with carbon reduction directives. However there is immense pressure for transparent, robust and independent metrics to measure performance against these targets which presents new risks. These include financial risk, political risk and insurance risk, all of which need to be measured, managed and mitigated. Getting it right will create major competitive advantages for those financiers and operators who show how they are contributing to the solution”.

Barry Moss is a leading authority on how carbon emissions are driving ESG strategy in aviation with 35 years’ experience of risk management and aviation regulatory compliance.

Cathal Foley CEO

“With ESG becoming a critically important part of aviation finance transactions, transparent and actionable ESG data will be crucial to facilitating a sustainable future for the industry. At PACE, we provide unique Sustainability Technology platforms, capable of supporting environmentally focused transactions, empowering our customers to build competitive advantage.”

Cathal Foley has 20 years of experience working in Investment Banking and Private Equity, including Equity Derivative trading experience with HSBC and BNP Paribas. While in South East Asia he worked in Renewable Energy Asset and Power Purchase transactions. Cathal is also Chief Commercial Officer for Fexco’s Design and Innovation division DRIVE.

Rose O’Sullivan Finance Director

“As an accountant in the aviation sustainability sector, I am committed to helping not only my own company but also our customers to make sound environmental decisions that pave the way to both greener and more profitable futures. By managing finances with a focus on sustainability, we continually consider environmental impact and the positive role we play in supporting our customers to drive change.”

Rose O’Sullivan is a graduate of the University of Limerick and trained as a Chartered Accountant with Deloitte. She has almost 20 years of experience working in Finance including renewables, outsourcing, customs, fintech and aviation. Recently Rose has graduated from the law Society of Ireland completing the Certificate in Aviation Leasing and Finance. She is passionate about ESG and holds a Certificate in Sustainability Strategy from Chartered Accountants Ireland.

David Lowe VP Marketing and Customer Success

“ESG is being embedded in aircraft financing transactions. In addition to the obvious risks to reputational harm, poor transparency in carbon accounting risks a higher cost of capital which in turn will lead to loss of market position. PACE supports customers that are financing aviation, from Banks and Investors providing the capital through to Asset Managers and Lessors supporting the airlines. We focus exclusively on those stakeholders that are serious about their carbon reduction responsibilities.”

David Lowe has worked in Services for over 20 years, supporting companies operating in regulated marketplaces. A recent graduate of the Executive MBA programme in the University of Limerick, he now leads the Marketing, Sales and Customer Success teams in PACE.

Rob Neale Chief Product Officer

“We are proud to support Banks, Investors, Asset Managers and Lessors as they shape positive change through their ESG strategies. We appreciate that when it comes to business model, there is no ‘one size fits all’, so we have developed a range of intensity metrics to support multiple stakeholders in aviation. This helps remove both the overhead and disparity of ‘home-brew’ solutions.”

Rob Neale is Chief Product Officer for PACE and is also Head of Product and Innovation for Fexco’s Sustainability Platforms, including GATS which is operated by Fexco on behalf of AWG. Rob has 18 years of experience in designing, building and operating digital value-exchange solutions with Banks, FinTechs and Fexco’s joint-venture partnerships.

Mary Troude Customer Success Manager

“Customer Success underpins our strategy in PACE to support the ever-growing ESG community of practice in aviation. Our approach means that our Customers can get maximum value for their investment in PACE, by working together and focusing on continuous improvement. We use data analytics and knowledge-sharing within our group to deliver best practice.”

Mary Troude brings over 10 years aviation knowledge to PACE from her time in Safran in France. With strong leadership experience in customer engagement, she has worked in Fexco’s Managed Service division for five years.

Margaret Maguire General Counsel

“The regulatory environment governing carbon emissions reporting is rapidly evolving in the aviation industry as both EU policymakers and other legislators increase their focus on ESG. At PACE we support our customers to meet make informed decisions by presenting data in a clear and digestible manner, giving confidence to ESG professionals that they can meet both corporate objectives and regulatory needs.”

Margaret Maguire is General Counsel in Fexco and provides legal support and advice to its many business units, including PACE. Margaret is responsible to ensure that policy decisions in the Fexco Group and the way that they are implemented continually align with strategic goals. Since joining the Group Margaret has advised on several M&A transactions and joint venture partnerships.

Paul Conroy Product Owner

“PACE enables customer decision-making across multiple data points, and the Product team at PACE works closely with both customers and strategic partners to ensure regulatory changes are understood and carbon risk exposures can be managed. As an independently verified platform PACE is leading the way on supporting business opportunities that leverage improved ESG performance measured through an independent lens.”

Paul Conroy has over 20 years experience in designing, building and managing IT platforms with some of the world’s leading financial institutions. As a Product Owner, he excels at bridging the gap between business strategy and technical execution. Paul’s expertise in Agile and commitment to meeting user needs help PACE to continually exceed customer expectations.

Barry O' Sullivan GM Business Development

“Aviation sector banks and financial institutions play a key role in driving a more sustainable aviation future. By complying with new regulations Banks can avoid potential fines, but more crucially ensure the long-term sustainability of their investments, better managing their risks and protecting reputation and brand image.”

Barry O’Sullivan brings 30 years of commercial experience in Financial Services, having worked for MasterCard Corporate, Fiserv (First Data) and Western Union. A long-serving Fexco employee, Barry holds a Masters from University College Cork (UCC) and Diplomas in Innovation and Strategy from the Irish Management Institute (IMI).

Ian Craddock Business Development Manager

“The aviation industry needs to be proactive in looking for ways to achieve net zero. In order to forecast the future, we need to calculate the past. PACE allows users to calculate Scope 3 emissions and roadmap future carbon reduction trajectories.”

Ian Craddock is an experienced Business Development Manager having previously worked in the software and automotive industries with a special focus on sustainability and reducing carbon emissions.

John Nozell Co-Chair

“The PACE platform is currently operating in the aviation industry but has also been built to support other verticals including maritime, transport and logistics. We understand the needs of our B2B clients, but we also implicitly consider how aviation insights will increasingly empower consumers to choose flights based on their carbon emissions.”

John Nozell is Co-Chair of PACE and brings over 20 years aviation finance experience, working in organisations such as JP Morgan Chase where his positions included EMEA Regional Head for Aerospace Investment Banking, Head of Debt/Equity Restructuring and NY Regional Head of M&A.

Karl Aherne Co-Chair

“For over 40 years, Fexco’s Fresh Thinking has delivered a relentless focus on, innovation, growth, and entrepreneurship in Fintech, Payments, and Business Solutions. This thinking has challenged and transformed every market in which we operate, and PACE typifies the art of the possible in the Fexco Group.”

Karl Aherne is Co-Chair of PACE and has been Chief Operating Officer of Fexco since 2021 in which he is responsible for innovation, software engineering, and information technology. Combining both corporate and startup experience, Karl has built and brought to market financial and environmental services. He has invested in and accelerated the development of over 30 startups.

PACE is a joint venture between Fexco and Avocet Risk Management, leveraging four decades of innovation experience and finance and risk acumen, to support the aviation industry in managing its biggest ever challenge

Fexco is a world leader in innovative fintech, payments and business solutions, with operations in 29 countries worldwide. Since inception in 1981, Fexco has invested in technology to develop and deliver the best solutions to meet customer needs Fexco serves some of the world’s biggest brands across multiple industries through a wide range of innovative products and services, including Dynamic Currency Conversion, Bank to Bank Transfers, Retail FX, and Managed Business Solutions processing more than US$10 billion in transactions annually. Fexco has built up a considerable aviation accounting and reporting operation though Fexco Aviation Services, an industry leader in the provision of Managing Agent Services to the industry leaders in Aviation Finance. Fexco Drive designed and manages the Aviation Working Group’s ‘GATS’ system that automates the novation and transfer of lease aircraft.

Avocet has significant experience in aviation risk management and provides consultancy services to global financial institutions, international law firms and government export credit agencies. The company provides a suite of qualified ESG services that fulfil the needs of aircraft financiers, owners and investors in what has become a rapidly evolving reporting and compliance landscape. Avocet’s team have specialist backgrounds in aircraft finance, leasing, insurance, political risk and risk management. Avocet is widely respected for its in-depth knowledge of climate related financial and ESG risks.

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