Supporting Aviation in Carbon Reduction

PACE is a global software platform and customer success programme that supports Aviation stakeholders committed to carbon reduction.

In addition to providing ESG reporting data we partner with our customers to turn carbon insights into more effective business strategies, unlocking opportunities for growth, reducing financial risk and enabling CO2 reduction in line with Paris Agreement net zero commitments.

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Partnering With Aviation To Drive Net Zero CO2

Assuring Governance

Assuring that carbon emissions reporting meets your corporate governance standards, remaining integral to your ESG strategy.

Unlocking Opportunity

Unlocking the potential to grow your business in the most sustainable way, embedding carbon insights in your future strategy.

Succeeding Together

Succeeding through regular engagement with your dedicated Customer Success team, continually sharing knowledge and education.

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JPMorgan Chase
Improving comparability and data transparency

To calculate the carbon intensity of companies in JPMorgan Chase’s Aviation sector portfolio, the Bank uses detailed Scope 1 emissions data modelled by PACE and historical passenger and belly freight activity data from the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), supplemented by company-reported data where necessary. This standardizes the emissions calculation methodology for all its clients, improving comparability and providing greater client coverage and data transparency. Read more about Carbon CompassSM

JPMorgan Chase’s Carbon CompassSM methodology

SMBC Aviation Capital
How PACE is helping us reach our 2050 Net Zero targets

PACE is a key tool to help us measure and predict our Scope 3 emissions and to ultimately assist us to reach our net zero targets by 2050.  As new technologies come on stream and as the industry moves towards sustainable aviation fuels, PACE will test and confirm that we are on the right track and will help us to meet our responsibility to deliver an industry that is more sustainable.

Shane Matthews, Head of Strategic and Market Analysis, SMBC Aviation Capital

AB CarVal and Aergo Capital
Integrating ESG into our investment process with support from PACE

As an environmentally conscious investor, we build ESG considerations into our current and future aviation strategy. Along with our leasing partner, Aergo Capital, AB CarVal appreciates the role that the PACE customer success team plays in supporting our businesses.

Emily Wilson, Director of Transportation, AB CarVal

How PACE Works

How PACE Works

PACE automatically captures commercial aircraft flight activity each day and applies industry standard methodologies to calculate fuel burn, CO2 emissions and a range of emissions intensity metrics to reflect the carbon emissions performance.

Different airlines operate different business models that determine aircraft seat configuration and the amount of cargo carried.  PACE collaborates with strategic partners including Skytra, CH Aviation, Ishka and IMPACT to bring you the most accurate, reliable and comparable data and metrics available.

Our customers include Banks, Investors, Asset Managers, Lessors and Government Agencies, and we are proud to support their ESG strategies as they shape positive change in carbon reduction.

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Dedicated to Customer Success

Dedicated to Customer Success

At PACE, we know that our success is tied to the success of our customers, so we work closely together to define sustainability goals. Our platform provides tailored solutions to meet each unique challenge, and our Customer Success Team focuses on supporting our customers in meeting these objectives.

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